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Bonnie and Philippe met in college, and had no idea their journey together would lead them to meditation and inquiry. They are so grateful they’ve grown on the path together and can support others to do the same.

Bonnie began her mindfulness journey with an 8-day silent retreat in 2005, a year after Philippe first encountered the practice. Though resistant to the idea (silence for 5 days?!), when Philippe asked her to attend a retreat for his Christmas gift, she said yes.

Over the next several years they made major lifestyle changes – selling a business, home, most belongings and moving in an effort to simplify and reconnect with what mattered most to them – waking up. Bonnie and Philippe practiced intensively at long retreats and settled in Cambridge, MA a couple years after leaving California. There they enjoyed being part of the local insight meditation center and having a major retreat center (Insight Meditation Society) nearby. In 2013 they moved to Florida to be closer to family.

 Bonnie Mioduchoski
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Bonnie is a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and works one-on-one with individuals and leads workshops in The Work. She also uses the skills she learned in non-violent communication (NVC) and meditation to support clients. She served as a mediator in the Boston small claims courts for the Harvard Mediation Program and led classes for the Boston NVC community. She’s also taught at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center.

While Bonnie benefited immensely from spending time on retreat and practicing mindfulness, she needed something else to help her uncover limiting beliefs and old conditioning. Since discovering The Work of Byron Katie in 2011, she has experienced more depth of insight and is committed to helping others uncover these powerful tools. She enjoys supporting her clients to become more mindful, to identify and question limiting beliefs and to be more honest with themselves, in a gentle, nonjudgmental way. She is fluent in French and English.

Philippe Daniel
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Philippe discovered meditation in 2004, after experiencing burnout in a high tech start up. After reading a book by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield he signed up for a 10-day silent retreat and has been passionate about the practice ever since. He spent 2 years in the Spirit Rock Dedicated Practitioner Program, along with Bonnie.

He went on to the Community Dharma Leader program and has taught meditation in Cambridge and via Skype one-on-one. While he found non-violent communication and The Work to be powerful tools, he discovered Internal Family Systems (IFS) and that, coupled with awareness, is what supports him the most in being free. He has a gift for empathy and a gentle, understanding presence that allows for powerful healing and insight. When he works with meditation students, his style is to point them back to themselves, to help them find the answers that are already within them. He takes the same approach with IFS. He is fluent in French and English.