Bonnie Mioduchoski has been a mediator for the Harvard Mediation Program, Instructor for Mindful Schools and has run her own training organization in Boston where she taught Nonviolent communication and mindfulness. Philippe Daniel has taught meditation, guided students one-on-one and supported clients through Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems.

Over the years, they’ve seen a need for regular follow up and connection with a guide to help deepen one’s practice. Their wish is to help you refine your practice and provide you with the kind of ongoing support that is common in monasteries and intentional communities, but impractical for the modern day Westerner.


  • One-on-One support for your mindfulness practice. Choose from Monthly, bi-monthly and weekly phone/Skype check-ins, email check-ins, etc.
  • Small group support by phone or web meeting. Not every community has experienced mindfulness teachers. Perfect if you practice with others and would like¬† guidance from a teacher. This can be done over a fixed period of time or ongoing as needed.
  • Bonnie and Philippe are available separately or together to lead mindfulness retreats, from day-long retreats to multi-day retreats.


  • One-on-One support to do inquiry work. Via phone or Skype.
  • Small group support by phone or web meeting. A great option if you’re seeking to introduce or deepen inquiry work in your existing mindfulness group and would like the support of an experienced teacher. This can be done over a fixed period of time or ongoing as needed and can be offered as a multi-week course.
  • Bonnie is available to lead half-day, day-long and weekend workshops on The Work of Byron Katie.

For more info please contact Bonnie or Philippe. Both can offer support in English and French.

What some people are saying

“There are wonderful guides like you who help make these important issues resonate for speakers like me. Thank you again for your guidance.” – S., Mediator & Workshop Participant

“I learned more from Bonnie’s modeling in the course than from all the course materials combined.” A., Mindfulness Student

“I would follow Bonnie anywhere (short of a cliff)!” -T,¬† Mindfulness Student

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